Be All Ears

Brand Identity, Print & Digital Collateral Design & Website for Business Growth Consultancy

The client:

Be All Ears is a Czech based Consultancy firm focusing on helping construction businesses scale up.

The challenge:

Number Violet was recommended to Be All Ears by one of our previous clients to carry out the re-branding, website development and marketing of the Be All Ears brand. This project, including the website development from concept to delivery was carried out within a month, to the delight of the client. As requested by the client, the logo is derived from the concept of worker bees and the combined output of their labour, the honeycomb. The Honeycomb has been developed further and a secondary icon can be used when necessary – the Microbox. This box references building blocks and structure that the business provides to its clients, helping them to grow and providing support along their journey.

Services provided:

  • Brand Identity
  • Marketing Consultation
  • Website Development
  • Social media
  • Graphic Design

Feeling proud:

Creation of strong Brand Identity

Successful launch of Start-up business

Creation of digital brand presence