Marketing Analysis, Consultancy, Brand ID and Graphic Design 

The client:

FMDC are a leading design and engineering consultancy for facades and building materials. FMDC’s experience and expertise have enabled them to build an expansive client list and recognition as a world-renowned organisation.  

The challenge:

FMDC reached out to us here at UKCoM for guidance on their marketing, online presence and how improvements could be made moving forward into 2022.  It was important to FMDC that their marketing strategy aligned closely with their business goals and mission.  

The analysis highlighted relevant pain points within FMDC’s online strategy and brand identity. Moving forward with a specific plan, we helped FMDC to overcome these issues.

Services provided:

  • Marketing Consultancy  
  • Online Competitor Analysis  
  • Marketing Strategy 
  • Marketing Plan  
  • Brand ID
  • Tender Document Design

Feeling proud:

Providing FMDC with a clear plan of action and ideas of what we, the experts, felt would be the best way forward in order to improve upon their online marketing. The creation of a brand refresh, modernising their brand presence whilst keeping the recognisable identity built up since their creation.

Raised awareness of where competitors are excelling and how FMDC can excel

Immediate changes to problems provided immediate results

Modernised brand identity

Creation of attractive tender support documents