Brand Strategy, SEO, Social Media Management 

The client:

Surveytech is a survey equipment supplier in London. Established for over ten years, they have a wealth of expertise to draw on and are able to offer technical advice on the best equipment and leading technological advances. As specialists in surveying technology including laser scanners, GNSS receivers and Ground Penetrating Radar – they wanted to join forces with experts in the field of construction marketing to identify the most efficient and effective communication channels. 

The challenge:

Our consultation services were employed to work closely with the team at Surveytech and create a brand strategy, roll out social channel marketing, research and advance SEO and ignite brand development. Some of the many big wins were facilitating joint product campaigns with one of their biggest suppliers, Matterport and expanding Surveytech’s global reach, resulting in online conversion and their first international sales. 

Services provided:

  • Brand strategy 
  • SEO 
  • Social media marketing  
  • Brand development 
  • Webinar campaigns
  • Google advertising

Feeling proud:

Creation of a strong brand identity

Enhanced exposure, nationally and internationally

Improved online conversion