Website Design

Website design and development for the Construction Industry

We turn your marketing aims into a reality by creating good-looking, responsive and SEO friendly websites.

Website design team at UK Construction Marketing developing websites

Expert Team

Our website developers have over 20 years’ experience in website design and development and stay up-to-date with new trends and regulations.

Perfect Design

Your website will be attractive to your target audience and responsive on mobile and other devices to help you capture the commuting audience on the move.

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Superior Ideas

You are busy with day-to-day tasks, so let us think outside the box and suggest ways your website can stand out against your competitors.

Expand your mind, make a change

Our Team of Experts

We have an ‘all in’ approach here at UK Construction Marketing developed by our sister company, Number Violet. Our whole team puts forward ideas for clients, so our graphic designers, construction industry consultants, as well as our website developers bring their experience to the table.
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Make a good impression

Your website is the window into your business

Make sure your website represents your business in the most effective possible way. You should be proud of your website and want to share it with potential clients knowing that it works as a positive sales tool. If this is not the case, it is time to give us a call!
Make sure your website is up to date and current

Keep your content up to date and current

Keep Your Content Up To Date And Current
We love to stay in contact; look to us as your outsourced website team! It is important to keep your website updated with new content in order to boost your Google page rankings. We offer monthly update services, or we can work on an ‘as and when’ basis. Whether we have built your website or you need some help with one created by another developer, we are here to help.
Hook in your target audience

Make your content interesting

You may want to supply your own website content, but if you are too busy and would prefer to enlist the help of professionals who can write your copy in harmony with your SEO, we can help. Our expert copywriters know exactly how to catch the attention of your target audience whilst utilising your brand’s tone of voice.
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You’ve got a website now…

Make sure it can be seen

We offer various SEO services, one of them being ‘initial SEO’ which is vital for any website. In fact, we would not create a website unless enlisted to carry out the initial SEO. Without this, prospective clients would have great difficulty viewing your site. We will connect your website to Google and carry out initial SEO services such as SEO titles, meta descriptions and keyworks.

What They Say

We want to partner with you

Your outsourced Marketing
& Design Team

Take advantage of our services to cut internal costs and tap into a whole creative team. Our 360 degree services mean you have the benefit of a whole marketing and design team, but only pay as and when you need marketing assistance.


You may be a marketing manager looking to partner with us to design your collateral and digital marketing items, or a CEO or MD with an internal marketing team needing the advice of experienced marketing professionals and a skilled design team to create new sales tools to facilitate expansion.